Bing, Bing, Bing, Here Comes The Train from Minneapolis.

By: Matt Anderson

Bing, Bing, Bing, here comes the train from Minneapolis. You hear the sound of a train coming your way. You smell the exhaust from the train and feel the ground rumble as it slowly comes to a full stop in front of you, and then you hear the doors open. You walk in and swipe your Go-To card, that looks like a credit card, then you take your seat and get settled for the long ride to work as everyone else around you gets on and does the same as you. You say hello to some of the regulars that you see everyday when you go to work. The train slowly starts to move, choo, choo. The train starts to move faster and faster and then before you know it you’re all the way to the station. In a blink of an eye you’re at work.

The commuter rail should come to St. Cloud because it has the possibility of making the city grow very fast. Witch is a good and a bad thing, it is good because more people means that the market would be better and it would help the economy of both the United States and the city of St. Cloud. It is also good because then there would be in theory more stores to visit, more restaurants to go eat at, and there could be more services to pick form. If the commuter rail comes to St. Cloud, there’s a chance that the city could be a lot more diverse then it already is witch would be a good thing. The commuter rail could also make it very easy for people in St. Cloud to work in the twin city’s. So instead of having the choice of moving or driving about two hours every day, there and back. Someone could have a third choice of riding the commuter rail. Another good thing would be that it would make it easer for students to get to the Minneapolis Airport. I know form personal experience that people have to go to the airport a lot during the holidays. I’m lucky to be on a team and can carpool with them, but for the average person it can be very difficult to get to the city’s.

If the commercial rail came to St. Cloud it could be a good thing for the University of St. Cloud because It could grow the school. It could make the school both academically and athletically. It could improve the school’s athletics because if there’s more student athletes at the school then there could possibly be more funding. Witch means that the athletes would be better and who doesn’t like having a school with good athletics. The commercial rail has the possibility of helping all of the different departments of the school. For example, business, science, English, and engineering, etc. Any of these could grow. In my opinion you can never grow a school to big and I also don’t thing that a school should just specialize in just one academic area.

It could be bad because if the city counsel does not manage the increase of population it could get to be a very big problem. There could be not enough housing, the city could help with this by helping build enough house. If this is not controlled, it could cause there to be a higher percentage of homeless people living in the city. Witch the city would need to address and help with. Another negative possibility is that the city itself might not be able to intake all of the waste and trash. Going off of that would be the opposite the city could not be able to supply everyone with the necessary resources to live, like water, heat and electricity.

If the city manages the increase of population form the commuter rail coming to St. Cloud it could be a very great thing for the city. I am a business student and St. Cloud State University, my mom has run the Rock Island Housing Authority for 15 years and at the same time basically rebuilt and ran the Moline Housing Authority for 3 years, so in other words my mom ran 2 agencies for 3 years. During all of this time she would talk about her job and even ask me what I thought. She would talk about different options about would effect different people, and different options of how to grow her agencies developments. I can garnet that if she could have had a commuter rail built she would have in a heart beet. It is a great and easy way to get the city’s name out there because in essence it would make the city of St. Cloud a suburb of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The company that would create the commuter rail said  ”The Northstar Expansion proposes to extend service to St. Cloud.” a recent article  This is a good indication that the project is underway and has a good possibility in coming to the area. The company also has this thing called the Go-To card, it looks like a credit card or a gift card. This is a good idea because we are living in a very technology savvy world, for example amazon wasn’t to deliver there packages with drones.

In conclusion I think the commuter rail should come to St. Cloud because It would be very good for the community in every way. It would be good for the school, it would be good for the economy, it would create more places to eat and it would also create diversity. All of these are very important to have a good and healthy community. Witch is also great for a learning environment.


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