Public Safety isn’t as safe as they say. Andrea Bothun

Public Safety can be found on any college campus, but they are not as safe and protective as they state they are at St. Cloud State University. They do not follow rules of their job description as found on their homepage such as on-campus escorts for students who do not feel safe getting from point A to point B. This website can be found at
I have firsthand experienced this issue with public safety the first and only time I ever called them. On a cold, and rainy night I was a passenger in a car accident in the round-a-bout on the SCSU campus. After waiting for the police and handling the situation we continued to drive the Q-lot, which is located at the farther point away from campus back in a dark wooded area.
At 10:30 pm on that Tuesday night, we parked the car and called public safety. As the woman answered the phone I had asked for a ride and told her my location, and how many people would need a ride.
This woman’s response to me was, “Currently public safety will not be able to pick you up, they will need at least 30 minutes before they would be able to come and escort you. Otherwise the bus will be running and will pick you up at Husky Hub in about 10 minutes”.
As I hung up the phone is some sort of shock to the fact that it is there job to escort students who don’t feel comfortable being alone on campus, my friend and I walked to the Husky Hub station a little walk away to wait for the bus inside.As we continued to wait, we both realized two very important things. First, the Husky Hub Station where you wait for the bus is not very safe. The doors are open to anyone and it is dark and in the middle of nowhere.

        Secondly, after 20 minutes passed we realized there would not be a bus picking us up. Which led us to not choice but to walk in the rain at 10:30 pm, all the way across campus. They say the buddy system is very safe, but two girls walked campus that late is not a safe way to get around.Many people view public safety in different ways. Some people think they are very helpful in getting around, whereas others see public safety as not very effective; especially when they don’t actually do what they say. According to SCSU student Megan Peterson, she says “In the beginning of the school year public safety seemed to always come escort you when it was needed. Recently I have felt that public safety has been slacking off and not doing exactly what they promise what they say. It has made me feel like it’s not worth calling public safety anymore because they never want to come pick me up.

When I compared our SCSU public safety to other colleges around Minnesota and Wisconsin, I was enlightened by student who go to schools such as Bethel University, University of Wisconsin Stout, and University of Mary in Winona, MN that the public safety on their campuses were wonderful. When I interview these students I asked the following question, “does your school have public safety, what are their responsibilities, and do they succeed in them?”
Monica Mulari-Torrez from Bethel University answered, “Yes we do have campus safety, and they give escorts to students who feel unsafe, they make sure campus is secure past 9:00pm, and they give tickets to those who park in other lots and other things too.”
My second student who I interviewed is Michelle Evans, a student from University of Wisconsin-Stout. After asking her this question she responded, “There are campus security on and around campus at all times. Besides being active on campus, they also escort student when it is needed, and they are on the lookout for people who are not following rules in aspects of common rules, but also drug and alcohol rules too.
My third and final interview was with Jordan Kubista from the University of Mary. She states, “Campus security provides rides for anyone on campus who doesn’t feel safe or comfortable walking
alone or with others, they unlock rooms for CA’s if it is a need, they respond to all fire drills, and they also help anyone in situations where someone a little scary or dangerous is involved.”
After hearing my friend’s views on how their campus security works and if they feel safe, it was actually a little frustrating. It’s disturbing to me that being on a very large campus, that campus security isn’t as involved as many of these other schools are. I want to feel safe coming and going from buildings or parking lots, and campus security is supposed to be there for anyone at any time they are needed.
Although this is how I feel, I know that many students. Teachers, and parents think of public safety here on campus as good and reliable people which they are. They aren’t bad people, they just don’t fully follow through on what they are supposed to do in my experience.
Public safety is seen by people as a great way of protection. Public Safety officers are viewed as a professional helper which is defined as an individual who serves in a preventive function, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and proactively assists others from getting themselves into difficulties as found on
Public safety is viewed very highly for their protection of students on the college campuses, and all the work they do to make the schools as safe as they can. Although people think of them this way, our campus security here on the St. Cloud State University campus are not doing everything they can to make student feel safe being here.
By not picking up students to escort them back to their dorms and not doing all the things they say that do on their SCSU page, it is hard for people like me who called them for the first time to truly believe they are making campus a safer place to be.


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