“St. Cloud Superman” is No Super Hero. By: Nicholas Tuominen

Thousands of dollars being sucked up by a Business, not a business like Best Buy or Target, a Collegiate School. Students spend a lot of money, and rack up debt to get an education so that they can get a job and live a good life after college. These students want to have comfortable learning environment while they are paying so much for this experience.

No one wants to be harassed by someone as they walk to class. And if I am living in St. Cloud I should not have to deal with a man that has previously been charged with 3 misdemeanors harassing me as I travel through my city.

Freedom of speech is protected, but when that speech becomes hateful should that be allowed? It’s a changing world and people want to hang on to the past where they can get away with hate and harassment.

Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. Which is why John Fillah has continued to do what he does for 20 years. Many people have complained to St. Cloud police and St. Cloud State administration to put a stop to these harassments. By letting him continue to do this, its an invitation for someone else to see it and think that it is ok for them to do.

As I stated earlier “Fillah had three misdemeanor charges against him for disorderly conduct twice in two days back in March. He also had a charge for making harassing phone calls when he contacted the officer that wrote one of the tickets.”

Two of those charges were dropped, as the judge sided with Fillah because people can look away. So even though he has been charged and knows people are not okay with his gestures and things he says, he continues to harass and wave his flag around St. Cloud State University campus and St. Cloud city.

“Speech is not always comfortable.” Says St. Cloud police.

People do have the right to speak their opinions even if they are sometimes not very settling. John Fillah does not say anything illegal while on St. Cloud State property and he has every right to freedom of speech on public property. And as long as he doesn’t say anything that can incite violence or problems he is okay to speak his mind and wave his flag. “hate speech doesn’t have a specific set of words.” And John Fillah stands by that.

He doesn’t cross the line, between speech that is protected and speech that is illegal,”. If he isn’t doing anything illegal there is no action that should be taken to sue, press charges on or anything similar. Some people just need to learn to ignore this kind of stuff if they can’t deal with it.

Not everything said and done in this world is going to be friendly or is something that you agree with. He believes he is doing the right thing in his mind and he has the right to show what he thinks is right as long as he follows the laws put in place around the freedom of speech.

John Fillah stands on city road and city sidewalk. Both of which are perfectly legal to be on, he doesn’t go into St. Cloud state property and follows restraining orders put against him. And until he proceeds to break a law John Fillah swill stand and wave his flag and speak his mind legally without any confrontation of police.

But when that speech and those actions turn into harassment, which is an issue.

“Speech is encouraged, but vandalism, violence, harassment and threats are not tolerated.”

That is what St. Cloud State said in their advice for students about the situation. Calling a student the “n” word is incitement and would qualify to be harassment. If he says something that influences someone to do something illegal, such as assault, he would be found just as guilty as the person who committed the crime. If St. Cloud stays true to their word St. Cloud state should not tolerate John Fillah waving his confederate flag and using his speech to harass black students on campus.

What John Fillah does has an affect on students here on campus.

A St. Cloud State University spokes person even said “Emotionally, it impacted some community members who experienced those antics.”

And I am fairly certain it is not a positive impact on their lives.

Hateful speech should not be tolerated on campus or anywhere else publicly. What John Fillah is doing is just that, Hateful. Making inappropriate gestures at families in cars and harassing students when they are trying to go to class should not be allowed to happen. There is no good cause for what he is doing after being charged with 3 misdemeanors. He should know what he Is doing is not wanted or supported and should stop. But he has been allowed to keep doing what he does and he will continue to.

Students here at St. Cloud State are getting more and more irritated with John Fillah’s presence here on campus. And the longer St. Cloud Police and St. Cloud State University’s administration thinks ignoring the problem will make it go away the bigger the problem will get.

“St. Cloud Superman” has been doing this for many years. And he will continue to do this as long as he is allowed.

St. Cloud State University’s top priority should be making sure all of their student have a comfortable and enjoyable experience here on campus. And John Fillah is taking that experience away from some students. They need to find a way to either stop John Fillah from harassing students or make sure he doesn’t have the opportunity to.

No more distracting students when they are trying to get a good education, no more harassing St. Cloud citizens when they are trying to travel through the city. He needs to stop his immature acts and find something better to do then wander the city searching for ways to bother and pester people in St. Cloud.

Enough is enough.


2 thoughts on ““St. Cloud Superman” is No Super Hero. By: Nicholas Tuominen

  1. I think this blog was very well written. I also wrote my blog post about the St.Cloud Superman. I agree with many of the points you made in your article. Fillah is a grown man, and like you said, he knows what he is doing. He is just trying to stir things up and draw the attention towards himself. There comes a point where someone can take things too far, and that has occurred one too many times for Fillah. As you stated, students are paying a ton of money for an education to better their future. We chose St.Cloud because we thought it was a safe environment and would make for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. However, Fillah is doing a good job of stopping this from happening, and I wouldn’t doubt this will have an impact on incoming students and wether they choose St.Cloud or not all because of the St.Cloud Superman. I believe there has to be something the town of St.Cloud can do about this. I understand it is his first amendment right to say what he wants, but when it becomes harassment and leads to an unsafe environment, that’s taking it too far. I know the school can only do so much about this situation because he is on public streets, but can’t the town of St.Cloud do somethings then? Couldn’t they just give him a specific radius from the university that he is restricted from? You are completely correct when you say this situation won’t get better if it is left ignored. Fillah will not stop if he isn’t made to stop and he has shown this to be true so far.


  2. I think that you did a very nice job with this blog post. You stated your opinions very clearly and made it very evident to your audience what your beliefs are when it comes to the Saint Cloud Superman. I can tell that you have some very strong opinions and I agree with them. I think that society as a whole is getting a lot better when it comes to racism and I believe that St. Cloud will get there eventually too. People like him make it look like St. Cloud is a lot less evolved than we actually are, but I think that aside from the things that he has said, St. Cloud State students and faculty are very welcoming to all types of students from all walks of life. This is great and we don’t want to get too caught up in focusing on this guy because he doesn’t represent society or St. Cloud. One think that I would have liked to see in your blog are more specifics on what he has done and who he is. If I wasn’t from St. Cloud area and had no idea who he is, I would have been very confused by this person. But, I did really like your blog as a whole and I thought that it was an interesting read.


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