Transfer Students Enrolling at St. Cloud State University is a Good Choice

By: Malina Konphanya

Incompatible environments from class curriculums to social life or finances in universities are mostly the reasons to initiate a document for students to transfer. A new life at a college or university away from home is stressful and intimidating (Purnell). Not liking the friends now compared to the ones in high school, the community isn’t welcoming, the principles aren’t your taste, or the classes are difficult to pass and it’s hard to find study groups. Transferring to another college no matter which you choose will still have their pros and cons and “learning new academic and living norms is difficult for many” (Joseph).

About one third of college students of the 2.8 million students enrolled, including those who start at community colleges, transfer to another school, according to a 2006 report by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Those that transfer from a community college to a university are statistically proven to do better at the university and become more successful (NACAC).

Minnesota’s second-largest public university, St. Cloud State University (SCSU), is a good institution to enroll for college as they have developed a diversity background full of different cultures through the variety enrollment of students; there are programs that reach out almost all concerns or interests for them to have resources and opportunities to be successful at SCSU (St. Cloud State University). This university is affordable compared to other state universities such as the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Many programs or career resources are created to help encourage almost every student’s major by having them be involved in a pre-professional learning course.

SCSU has a mindset from one of the elements for graduates which are global and cultural understanding where their focus is “attentive to a changing world and agile in our adaptation to new developments in order to ensure that our students are prepared for a world (St. Cloud State University).

Students can become socially active in St. Cloud state because of how diverse the community is. Plenty of students enrolled with diverse backgrounds or different environments, including international students from all different countries, make socializing with various diverse students and formation of new friendships easy.

Living on campus for a first time is a great opportunity to adventure and gain experience with your own authority if home is very far. This helps find your true identity in managing your social life, studies, and personal responsibilities enrolled at a large capacity based university.

Offers that help students become socially active is through on-campus organizations that are all based on a variety of cultures for instance, a recent event called Pakistani cultural night, basically being open to all students or guests non enrolled at SCSU. There are also other clubs where anyone can fit in such as HSO (Hmong Society Organization), or LGBT program and more programs and clubs offered at SCSU here on campus; few organizations would be placed in Atwood which is the main place of multicultural experiences.

A transferring student may be thinking of losing friends then have a disconnection to social life. Another may think the reason to not transfer is because of the unpleasant circumstances heard on school grounds. Sometimes, no career services may provide support for certain majors or any monetary support. This causes an unhappy year of college through social levels, academic opportunities, or financial problems.

St. Cloud State University have limitations to what isn’t beneficial. Tuition costs will increase and harder to pay off if your parents have records of highly paid salaries. According to Andy Dryden, director of Student Success Strategy at Hobsons, students should be mindful that federal financial aid has a time limit with transfer students” (Driscoll). Having a full ride scholarship at the previous college, then there may be a possibility of not having that full ride at St. Cloud depending on your academics reports.

Transfer requirements may disregard courses previously taken at your other college and could affect your earned credits. If currently enrolled and wanting to transfer to another college when classes are starting to become difficult, the proper decision is switching classes instead of schools.

Transferring from another school, for example, Yale University or Harvard would not want to be recommended into transfer to a public university like St. Cloud. The fact of an Ivy League student transferring to a university with rumors from previous enrolled students would say that a party school would be too easy for them. In the case, creating a habit of wanting to slack off resulted in not acquiring the right kind of education that would benefit them in their future.

This can also work vice versa where the student is coming from a community college to a university, the curriculum could be a lot more difficult for the student being able to progress for a better future with unsure and undecided majors.

Other effects of transferring to St. Cloud state is being involved in a large community which may be an all-embracing step to your social environment. People who are shy can create a border between student communications and affiliation with teachers which could rise issues of struggles in academic studies.

In relation to transferring in a large environment, SCSU’s distance from your original home can be adequately far, initiating the feeling of missing home. Having the hardest time of wanting to go back home because of the love and support or just the “home-sweet-home” is incomparable to the environment at a university.

Seeing other students being able to go back when they’re locally close to the university can raise an emotional subject.

Some reasons to transfer are practical and some will be personal. Previous negative college experiences are what sparks you to learn from them, even if they are mistakes, and that opens a chance to grow from them. Other reasons for transferring could be a change for social or intellectual levels, academic opportunities, financial problems, or extracurricular offerings.

St Cloud State University’s community express welcoming emotions for all students of different backgrounds especially provides resources for those who request services for their personal or academic needs.


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